Spring cleaning

Nothing screams “look at me, I’m adult-ing!” quite like spending the majority of your Saturday blitzing the house, getting all those menial tasks done that you’ve been sweeping under the carpet (literally) for about six months – what a way to spend my day off, eh?

Like many young women, I spend a good chunk of my time oggling at gorgeous Pinterest and blog posts that are sprinkled with images of enviable dressing table and beauty area set-ups, frantically wishing that maybe one day I might have the same. My bank account has kindly informed me that those wishes aren’t to be granted any time soon, goddammit, so I’m just going to have to try and make the best of a bad situation and attempt to make the limited amount of surface space I’ve got look as pretty as possible.

Since we (my boyfriend and I) moved to our new house, the plethora of beauty products I’ve gradually accumulated have been crammed into semi-presentable storage boxes and plonked on top of our drawers, left to collect dust and be a general eyesore. Alas, I woke up yesterday morning and in strange wave of motivation (considering I’d been fairly drunk the night before) thought “today is the day I get my shit together!” It was one of the loveliest days of the year so far, and I decided to spend it inside dusting, hoovering, and tidying through the mountain of products I continue to convince myself I need, but in fact haven’t used for at least 6 months – maybe I was still drunk?


As you can see, our kitten Ernie lent a really useful paw and decided to use one particular box as a makeshift throne. Such a cat thing to do.

The result is a half-decent attempt at a pretty and presentable space to keep my jewellery and multitude of perfumes. For any of you thinking “who needs that number of perfumes?!” in my defense, I worked at Boots for a good chunk of time and took advantage of some FABULOUS discounts, which is partly responsible for the stupid number of useless products I own too. Boots should have just paid me in products as all of my wages went back into the company anyway – it would have at least saved the unnecessary transactions. So there, blame Boots. I am merely a victim of consumerism – *sob*.



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